A Wealth of Knowledge.    A Breadth of Skill.
The Bechtel Consulting Group offers a broad range of services spanning strategic development, organizational dynamics and marketing.  An important feature of the firm’s approach is its ability to integrate elements from these related disciplines to produce more complete and effective solutions.
Core services offered by the firm:
Strategic Development
  • Vision and mission statement development
  • Short and long range strategic planning
  • Corporate strategic positioning
  • Strategic and competitive analysis
Organizational Dynamics
  • Organizational assessment and reorganization
  • Management process evaluation and improvement
  • Productivity assessment and improvement
  • Project management
  • Executive training and development
Marketing Process Improvement
  • Operational and program assessment
  • Planning and implementation strategies
  • Product / service positioning
  • Design, execution, analysis and interpretation of market research
  • Marketing and sales training
  • Communications program development
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