Personal Marketing Dynamics
In today’s economy,
the selling skills of your professionals are your most critical asset.
Personal Marketing Dynamics teaches the three key components of individual business development: Personal marketing, relationship selling and successful client relations. The program has been taught to professional service firms of all types, and has received consistent praise for its relevance, thoroughness and practicality.

Based on Neil Rackham’s powerful SPIN Selling technique, Personal Marketing Dynamics equips participants with the skills to obtain, strengthen and harvest client relationships, while reinforcing and building on existing knowledge and skills. Its unique structure helps people to retain more of what they learn, incor-porate the techniques into their normal routines and make more productive use of time devoted to marketing.

Among the things participants will learn:
  • How to overcome fears and misconceptions
  • How to make marketing and selling work together
  • How to generate leads and create selling opportunities
  • How to develop productive relationships with clients and prospects
  • How to uncover needs, create demand and develop new business
  • How to strengthen existing client relationships and, at the same time, culti-vate additional business
Personal Marketing Dynamics consists of three elements:

Phase I A formal presentation to introduce the principles and techniques of personal marketing and relationship selling.
Interim Participants conduct at least two meetings to experience the process hands-on and provide a platform for further discussion in Phase II.
Phase II One or more small group discussion sessions to review results, examine course concepts in an interactive setting and address questions or concerns.
Phases I and II provide time for related support and consultation to be utilized as the firm sees fit. This allows the training to be more fully incorporated into the broader strategic/marketing context.

The combining of a formal presentation with practical experience and group discussion is a unique feature of Personal Marketing Dynamics intended to help participants retain what they’ve learned and anchor concepts in the practical realm.

It can be stated that no one will leave this program without having acquired new knowledge, new ideas, new skills and the ability to function more effectively in a business development setting.
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