Talent.   Experience.   Seasoning
Consulting effectiveness is all about people – their knowledge and talent, their seasoning, their professionalism, their adaptability, their finesse, their follow-through.  And when it comes to people, we have surrounded ourselves with some of the best at what they do.  Their combined expertise gives us great synergy in addressing client needs on a broad platform.   We continually seek out professionals whose talents will add dimension to our capabilities.
Among our professional affiliates are the following:
Business Metrics / Marketing / Website Development
Dwight McCabe
Principal, Dwight McCabe Consulting Group
Dwight McCabe has over 20 years experience covering website strategy & development, customer relationship marketing, and business & marketing metrics. He has served as a senior business and marketing executive in rapidly-changing organizations from early-stage to large enterprises, ranging from internet-based businesses, catalogers and retailers to manufacturers and distributors. These include Starbucks, Nordstrom, Onvia, PaperZone and Continuity Venture Partners. He has developed business and marketing strategies that have resulted in major increases in efficiency, sales growth and profitability. One division he started had a compound annual growth rate of 105% for five years.
Corporate Identity Design / Marketing Visual Communications
James Jahng
Creative Director, Studio 8 Design
With over 20 years of experience in creative visual communications, James Jahng has helped corporations and companies project their desired images and strategies by creating impressive, yet timeless branding and logos for services and products. His clients range across many business sectors including business consulting, banking, financial investment, engineering, consumer food groups, horticulture, automotive, real estate, construction, computer software and non-profit organizations.
Financial Consulting / Contract CFO Support
Arnie Hendricks, CMA
Principal, Financial Management Resources
Arnie Hendricks has 25 years of experience in the financial and operational management of mid size companies. As a consultant, he has helped over 140 companies to resolve issues that were hampering their profitable growth and preventing owners from increasing the value of their businesses. He has served as a CFO for a $30 million leveraged buyout, and with a $50 million company that doubled in size in three years. In addition, he was retained by a financial management training company to present their program in Australia and throughout the U.S.
Marketing Communications / Social Media Marketing
Dave Sharp
Managing Partner, Sharp Consulting Group
Dave Sharp, Managing Partner of the Sharp Consulting Group, is widely recognized for his expertise in social media planning and marketing. His work is on the cutting edge of this new frontier, pushing technologies to the limit to deliver interactive experiences that increase revenue and market share for socially responsible businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies. His expertise also spans integrated branding, audience analysis, community guidelines/ policies and editorial planning.
Public Relations / Writing Skills Development
Wiley Brooks
Principal, The Wiley Brooks Company
Wiley Brooks helps companies and other groups deliver vital messages in a way that is clear and compelling. An award-winning newspaper editor, he later founded a public relations company and became widely known for guiding Fortune 500 companies through crises. In 2005, he refocused part of his practice to coaching others how to communicate their key points more effectively. He does this through classes, seminars, and direct, in-person coaching.
Strategic and market research
Gilmore Research Group
Gilmore Research Group has been the premier market research firm in the Pacific Northwest for over sixty years. A full-service research firm with offices in both Seattle and Portland, Gilmore conducts over 500 studies annually involving more than 250,000 interviews, intercepts and recruits. The firmís work ranges from design consultation to final recommendations, and from insightful qualitative investigations to advanced statistical analysis. Approximately 60% of its research projects are commissioned by repeat clients.
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