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Founded in 1991, The Bechtel Consulting Group guides clients to drive performance from top to bottom. We help them shift from reactive to proactive, uncover and seize opportunities, boost productivity, and fully leverage their people, their processes and their financial resources. We measure our success in higher revenue and improved margins.

To achieve these results, we have brought together a diverse team of seasoned professionals with expertise spanning strategic planning, organizational development, process improvement, project design and execution, marketing and sales, communications, graphic design and photography.

Our work with clients lies along three broad tracks:
Strategic Development
We engage with senior management to survey the landscape, clarify the organization’s vision and mission, and identify critical issues. We offer a fresh pair of eyes and ears. We challenge entrenched habits and assumptions. From there, we guide the team to produce a strategic plan that is focused, achievable and actionable.
Organizational Dynamics
Our services help strengthen operations at all levels: By driving management team performance. By guiding key employees to deliver their best. By boosting department productivity. By strengthening teamwork within and between departments. By tightening project execution.
Marketing Program Support
We help clients gauge marketing effectiveness, assess market segments, refine corporate and brand positioning, streamline operations and design marketing programs that maximize ROI. Our expertise includes marketing communications, outside and inside sales, and customer service operations.
The Bechtel Consulting Group can provide cost-effective interim or ongoing support in critical roles. We can become an adjunct to your management team to fill in gaps, augment staffing to pursue opportunities, or provide outsourced support where the expense of a permanent hire is not prudent.
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